CA77 non-OE rear shock options
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    CA77 non-OE rear shock options

    How do

    The rear shocks that came with the CA look very shabby - in particular, the chrome is pitted and scruffy to the point where I need to get them redone. There's a very good chance I'll have the bike ready before the chrome (I'm still trying to find a reliable plater who doesn't take six months). And given my findings when I pulled the front shocks apart, I strongly suspect the internals will be very tired.

    Quite apart from the disassembly process - which I'm still not entirely sure I understand - I was wondering what other folks do for rear shocks when the standard ones either give up the ghost or need to be substituted out? For anyone who's done that sort of thing, what shock length did you go for and were there any other considerations you had to work with/around?

    Thanks in advance

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