Carb Spigot Angle
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    Carb Spigot Angle

    Does anyone know the correct angle for the carb spigots on a 67 CL77. Looking at the parts fisch they appear on a downward angle and a quick search here didn't reveal any specifics. I am doing a second petcock and carb rebuild to try and correct a fuel starvation issue. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    That aspect makes absolutely NO difference....
    The fuel actually enters the carb through the banjo bolt which is horizontal, and as long that bolt is below the fuel level in the tank, it is receiving fuel at gravity/height differential pressure, regardless of the banjo's hose barb angle, hose length or shape (assuming the hose isn't pinched/restricted by too tight a turn/bend radius).......I turn them to where the smoothest/longest radii bends occur..... This can vary depending on overall hose length.....

    (Didn't think high-school physics would apply in your later life, did you?... Me either....LOL)
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