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Thread: 2019 VME Pre-1975 Ride

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    Sounds like great fun, wish I didn't live on the other side of the country. Have fun!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rscottp View Post
    Sounds like great fun, wish I didn't live on the other side of the country. Have fun!
    Me too - I think it would be cool to put my bike on a ferry and go to an island somewhere... Bainbridge comes to mind, I've been there twice before
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    Ride along at the drag strip - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20jFPazXlvU

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    Awesome day for the ride today and it didn't even sprinkle until I was almost home.
    Met up with Frank (Scramblr) and Jim (JamesPal) there. Unfortunately Frank's bike broke down because of the common motors EI.
    I somehow lost the bolt that holds the tach cable to the tach drive somewhere along the ride.
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    Glad I could join the group for the ride. I met a lot of nice people at the event and took some pictures that will follow. Even the British bike acolytes were friendly to us Honda riders. Weather was cool but thankfully dry for the ride.
    My scrambler performed well on the way to the meeting place, keeping above 60 mph for over an hour, but soon into the event ride it began to exhibit serious issues. I had to break out of the pack to pull over to investigate a loss of power and backfiring. One rider stopped to check on me, and guessed fuel delivery as the cause. He moved on while I discovered the fairly new Common Motors electronic ignition had shifted its sensors and retarded the timing. I had checked and tightened them only hours earlier. Thankfully I had a full set of tools in my kit bag and got it running again. I skipped the planned route and rode to the destination, with one breakdown on the freeway. At the destination I found the EI sensors had melted and come loose again. We went in for a lengthy lunch at the Gig Harbor Tides Tavern to trade stories. The Triumph and Norton guys talked about their bikes' weak electrical systems.
    Not to worry about me, I cobbled the EI back together in the Tides' parking lot and rode away to a friend's house, then towed the bike home. Good fun. I would do it all again for the Vashon tour in September.
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    2019 VME Pre-1975 Ride-event-1.jpg
    2019 VME Pre-1975 Ride-event-2.jpg
    2019 VME Pre-1975 Ride-honda-tides-1.jpg
    2019 VME Pre-1975 Ride-honda-tides-2.jpg
    2019 VME Pre-1975 Ride-honda-tides-3.jpg
    2019 VME Pre-1975 Ride-honda-tides-4.jpg
    1975 CL360 K1 Scrambler

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