1981 CB400T - comments welcome!
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    1981 CB400T - comments welcome!

    Hi all, I wanted to show everyone my ongoing project, an '81 CB400T NightHawk. I bought the bike 2 years ago and hope to finally start getting it rebuilt this winter. I drove it around the block when I bought it and everything worked fine (idled well, shifted normally, brakes worked) before disassembling it. It's been stored indoors since then.

    I'm planning to give everything a really good clean (it needs it) and find all of the little things the PO was hiding :P. Not sure yet if I want to reassemble to stock, or black it out and chop some stuff off.

    Main tasks include
    • Address oil leak around the oil pressure switch
    • Deal with the rust covering the Power
    • Do a compression test before any further engine decisions (fully rebuild / do top end)
    • Replace the front and rear wheel bearings
    • Rebuild the front forks
    • Re-tap the top of the left fork (threads look loose/stripped, although there didn't appear to be any leak of fluid)
    • Replace brake fluid / clean resevior
    • Add an inline fuel filter
    • Adress a tiny (2mm) rust spot in tank
    • New battery

    The checklist on this thread has already been useful, but please feel free to comment / give advice / identify anything you see as problematic.


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    Replacing those rusty spark plugs

    I'd also add rebuilding the brake caliper to your list and considering upgrading the 40 year old rubber brake hose to a stainless one
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    Your tank is one that is prone to rusting thru at the lower rear corners, they're below the petcock low point and collect water and debris there. I'd take it to a radiator shop to clean and pressure test the tank, they can also fix any pinholes that are found. Then use RedKote or Caswell tank liner to solve any future issues.
    When you take the petcock off you'll find the fuel filter, it's a screen that inserts into the tank and is removed using a screw extractor. No need for an inline filter.
    Other than that ask questions as they arise
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