CB450s 1986 mufflers/silencers
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    CB450s 1986 mufflers/silencers

    CB450s 1986 mufflers/silencers-51081680_314799739160094_1967127633254678528_n.jpgCB450s 1986 mufflers/silencers-img_20190510_101810.jpg

    Not sure if there is a post on this however, my originals are now some 33 years old! While still looking good the sound quality is more like a death cackle, than a crisp sound, if you know what I mean? Not that the 450s ever had a modern sounding exhaust note!
    Taking a quick look at them I cannot see any obvious way to strip them down to try and repack them?

    Has anybody out there ever attempted this or recommend an alternative, without going 2 into 1?
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    I don't think you'll get many answers from anyone in the US, as I'm pretty sure we never got that bike... but it's pretty cool, wish we had

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    The US never saw this model, Canada did as well as Europe. CMSNL has some but 405 Euro's each. No idea about taking it apart to fix, look for rivet heads of spot welds to drill out.
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