Thin rims and tires for CM400A
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    Thin rims and tires for CM400A

    I have a 1980 Honda CM400a that I have turned into a cafe racer. I am looking to put thinner style tires on the rear of the bike. I know there are different opinions on riding with those type of tires but it's something I'd like to try. Does anyone know the size rim and tire for a thinner rear tire for my bike? Thanks all!

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    On the stock rim you can drop down to a 110/90/16, stock is a 120 equivalent. It won't be safe to go to a 100. If you swap wheels from a 1978/79 CB400T2 you can run narrower tires, those are 19F/18R and would work for a 90/90/18 tire
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    You can't change the rims on the comstar wheels. Easiest swap would be to the spoked rear wheel from a CM400e or CB400Ti. Then you need to find a compatible rim in the width to accommodate the tire you want to use. Finding a set of spokes to lace them up should be relatively easy.
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    Bridgestone shows their tires as small as 90mm fitting on 2.50 rims, but I doubt you can find those narrow rear tires for a 16" rim. If you do, check with the manufacturer. The charts show 100mm on those rims.

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