Caliper rebuild kit
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    Caliper rebuild kit

    Hello all.

    Bike is a 1982 CB450SC. I disassembled and cleaned the master cylinder because the little bleed hole was clogged. The inside of the brake system seemed fairly clean, but I thought to be thorough it would be good to disassemble the caliper and make sure nothing is dirty/corroded down there. The FSM says you can't reuse the piston seals, so I'm looking for a rebuild kit. Any suggestions? Are the reproduction parts as good as the Honda parts?

    Also, I noticed that there are replacement pistons that are made of stainless steel, instead of chrome plated steel. Any opinion on those?

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    #8 dust seal and #14 piston seal are all you need to rebuild, just clean everything out really well. You may need to clean out the seal grooves with a dental pick type tool to get all areas cleaned out. Lube everything with new brake fluid and reassemble.

    Stainless brake pistons are a good choice if you need to replace the pistons you have. Your old pistons may have pitting that can can cause leaks, chew up new seals, and prevent them from building brake pressure. Stainless steel will have a longer life span.
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    Plus 1 on the SS pistons. I usually replace 12 and 13 unless they're in good condition. Most of the time they're starting to rot.
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