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1980 CM400a electrical issues

Thread: 1980 CM400a electrical issues

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    mwgalen said:
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    First up, one of the more confusing aspects of working on a 1978+ Honda twin versus working on the earlier ones is the ignition system. For the CM/CB/400/450, a CDI ignition system is used that is separate from the charging system. That is, the battery doesn't matter for the spark because the ignition system runs directly from the stator. The battery and charging system is just for the lights and starter motor.

    With that information out of the way, it's time to start testing the ignition system.

    Start with resistance readings for the ignition coils itself:
    *Resistance between the yellow and green wires should be about one Ohm or less.

    Now for the wires coming from the stator:
    *Resistance should be about 135 Ohms between the pink and green wires
    *White and blue should be about 85 Ohms
    *Brown and light blue should be 207 Ohms

    If all of those readings check out, it's probably time for a new CDI unit.
    With the readings I have it is not looking good for my Stater. I am still unsure how to test the Brown to Light Blue since they dont come together anywhere I can find.

    Where does one get a new State or Rebuilt?
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    Bill H said:
    Custom Rewind. 205-796-7282 about $260 -$270 and your old core. Make sure your regulator is working mine puts out about 14.7 volts.