Engine swap question ('81 CM400E)
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    Engine swap question ('81 CM400E)

    Hey guys!

    I recently purchased a 1981 Hondamatic CM400E with a blown motor, was looking into buying a replacement and came across one locally.

    its from a 1981 Honda CB450A, from my understanding this would drop right into my frame correct?

    Just wanted some confirmation before I pulled the trigger.

    Also I was a bit confused, I thought the CM400A was the Automatic transmission, Did the CM400E come with an automatic option? My title definitely says CM400E

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    The CM400E is a manual transmission model, kickstart only, spoked wheels, and drum front brake. The CM400 and 450 A models have the automatic transmission, disk front brakes, electric start, and comstar wheels. Swapping an automatic engine into a manual frame is somewhat more than a simple bolt in operation.

    I would suggest that you start by comparing the serial number on your title with that stamped on the identification plate on the frame neck below the handlebars.

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    Got pictures?
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    Yeah I only paid $75 for it so I didnt really look too much into what it was before handing over the money, I'm pretty sure he advertised it as a Hondamatic but its definitely a manual. VIN Numbers match, its a CM400E. It was pretty stripped down when he dropped it off (no handlebars) so I guess I took it for granted that it was an automatic haha. I guess that changes what I'm looking for!

    Im excited to rebuild it regardless, so as far as motor replacements what am I able to use as a replacement aside from the obvious CM400E engine? I'm assuming any 80-81 CB/CM 400/450 manual transmission engine will be compatible?

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    You can use CM400/450 engines from 78 to 85 at least. Although , there is some changes to make it completely compatible wiring wise. For the most part direct swap.
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    1981 cm400a

    Was wondering since I seen that someone said the engines are swappable from 78 to 85 I have a 81 cm400a and was wondering if I could swap the engine out for a 78 cm750a and without having issues?

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    NO...... That would be 400/450 engines, NOT 750's....
    I'm only familiar with the CB750A in '78......Where did you come across a CM version?...Or was that a Typo?
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