1981 Hondaline or Connecticut Cycles Brochure/CM200T Saddlebag Brackets?
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    1981 Hondaline or Connecticut Cycles Brochure/CM200T Saddlebag Brackets?

    I've been looking for 3 years for saddlebag support brackets meant for an 81 CM200T. Does anyone know if the Hondaline or Connecticut Cycles brochure mentions such a thing? Yes, I realize I could get a generic bracket kit, but I am looking for period proper brackets for the bike. I don't even know if what I am looking for ever existed.

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    I don't have a copy of the Hondaline accessories offered or any other manufacturer in the library.
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    JMHO....(I was no longer working at dealerships by then) But the CM is more of a "wear your backpack while you ride it around campus" or a ride it to work/commuter bike.....

    I seriously doubt there were ever saddlebag mounts specifically for it...... A rear rack maybe.....
    Hondaline bags (which would be color-matched) and the bracketry would have cost half as much as the bike did...
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