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Stalling in 1st gear

Thread: Stalling in 1st gear

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    ancientdad said:
    Depends on the price, they aren't known to be very inexpensive for most items

    Ride along at the drag strip -

    running points... because I'm too old for mysteries that begin with pushing
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    76TWIN said:

    1. Replacing the OEM brake cylinder would be cheaper and easier. The newer units will work better as well. So unless you are really set on keeping the bike all OEM original, I would opt for replacing instead of rebuilding.

    3. Regarding re-jetting and running with pods. You might not even need to re-jet at all. Have a look at these
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    fillmarr said:
    76twin- have you heard of any aftermarket master cylinders in particular? The one posted above doesn’t have any reviews. Not sure if maybe people are using one from 4into1 they love, for example.

    Thanks everyone!

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    76TWIN said:
    I have one that is very similar as the one I posted and it works great.

    Stalling in 1st gear-img_20190503_134733115_hdr.jpg

    But if you want reviews...

    Although this one above appears to be made for 1" bar.
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    '76 CB500T Frankenbike
    '73 CL450 (basket case for now)

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    12ozPBR said:
    Quote Originally Posted by mike in idaho View Post
    I suppose that $80 an hour is what he needs to pay his overhead, plus make a decent wage. It would be interesting to see if anybody on here has access to any of Honda's old flat rate manuals.
    I have the original flat rate Honda manual but sadly I won’t be back home this week to reference it. I’ll try and remember to post when I’m back there for anyone that is truly interested.
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