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Drum Brake Question?

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  1. KnucleBusting360's Avatar

    KnucleBusting360 said:

    Drum Brake Question?

    Hey All,

    Quick question ... I have been disassembling a front wheel drum brake (I believe off of a '72 CB350) and am stuck trying to remove the speedo gear ... wanted to confirm my suspicion that a very small pin on the back side (see photo) is what is holding the gear in place ... any tips on pulling that pin if so? It doesn't want to budge!

    Thanks Bill

    Drum Brake Question?-img_4212.jpg
  2. the-chauffeur's Avatar

    the-chauffeur said:
    Looking at the fiche, yeah, that pin holds the worm drive(?) assembly in place. It's part #22 on this diagram:

    Drum Brake Question?-honda-cb350-japan-f-7_big3img01174765_95c2.jpg

    It appears to be a split pin (with the split running along its length), so if you can get pliers or similar on it, you should be able to compress it and pull it out that way. Looks like this:

    Drum Brake Question?-pin_medium44808235000-01_32cc.jpg
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