cb500t handlebar clamp torque
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    cb500t handlebar clamp torque

    I had to pull the bars off of my '76 CB500T and now I'm not sure how to reinstall them right. The manual I have says that there's a punch mark on the top piece of the clamp that points forward and to tighten the front bolt first, but it doesn't mention torque, and I didn't see a mark on either clamp. The mating surface of the clamps is cut at an angle, so orientation is important. I put them on so that the bolts are perpendicular to the top of each clamp, so I think that's right, but when I tighten them down there's still a little bit of a gap in the back between the halves of the clamp (it's worse if I flip them around). I don't think I can tighten those bolts enough to pull that gap closed, is it supposed to be there? And what is the torque for those bolts?

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    The service manual says that bolt should be 18-25 lb-ft. Not enough to close the gap, because if the gap closed, it wouldn't be as tight on the bar.

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    The "punch" mark looks like an inverted dot, as on many Honda components, for proper assembly indexing. It's on the flat where the washer on the bolt goes, in the forward holes of the pair of clamps. I'd be surprised if the dots aren't there, but if not, the shorter-cut side of each clamp goes to the rear. As for torque, I just tighten the bolts plenty tight with some "feel" as you're tightening a steel bolt into aluminum... the bars should have knurled spots where the clamps go, so the bolts don't have to be so tight that they're ready to break off or strip the aluminum to be tight enough to hold the bars properly still

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