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Are the Pods My Problem?

Thread: Are the Pods My Problem?

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  1. trekker750's Avatar

    trekker750 said:
    Finally got back to this. Well, the major problem turned out to be my incompetence. Somehow, I omitted the seal under one of the CV pistons when I reassembled the right hand carb. There was my vacuum leak! I'm still using the pilot jets from the rebuild kits but did put the original slow jets back in. When I compared them to the new ones, there was a noticeable difference in the size of the holes drilled into the sides of the tube. The new ones were smaller.
    I'm moving on to a rebuild of the front end and a new front tire. After I finish that, I'll be able to ride it and get serious about carb tuning.
    Thanks for everyone's help, it's appreciated!
  2. WintrSol's Avatar

    WintrSol said:
    Thanks for getting back to us; sometimes, we never hear the results.
    IMO, unless they are damaged, or you need to change sizes, the brass jets and emulsion tubes never need replacing; gasoline doesn't wear them down.

    Mine is a mostly 1970 CB450K3
  3. ancientdad's Avatar

    ancientdad said:
    ^^^completely agree with Rick - too often we don't hear if things worked out, or anything for that matter... and yes, these days you can't trust the brass that comes with most kits.

    Ride along at the drag strip -

    running points... because I'm too old for mysteries that begin with pushing
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  5. crazypj's Avatar

    crazypj said:
    I do a lot of CB350, CB360 and a few CB450/500T carbs. Trek 97 pointed out the differences in pilot jet OEM and aftermarket a few years ago. I almost always re-used original jets and just swapped out o-rings and shut off valves so hadn't really noticed until then. Now, I check the cross drilling's on everything and modify those with wrong sizes (so far, all aftermarket kits LOL), The 'better' kits come with the wear items, needle and needle jets as well as shut off valves although so far none come with drain screw o-ring so that's the only part I 'stock' I usually contact owners to make sure things are OK (or check build threads) Minor adjustments are all that is usually needed, major 'carb' issues after I've worked on carbs are always electrical or mechanical (so far)
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