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CB500T Engine - What a Mess!

Thread: CB500T Engine - What a Mess!

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  1. KnucleBusting360's Avatar

    KnucleBusting360 said:

    CB500T Engine - What a Mess!

    "Clean Up in Aisle 5!" ... oh boy do I have a mess! ... finally got the engine cracked open this weekend ... it was frozen so I expected bad news, but what I have is a nightmare ... lots of corrosion and grime! I'm fairly certain the piston heads are not salvageable, but I'm also wondering about the whole engine at this point ... this bike sat in a barn for 30 years and the whole thing is pretty crusty ... I plan on breaking the engine down completely soon ... have to see what awaits me in the gear box as well ... any early thoughts? The starter motor rotor was completely missing See the corrosion on the clutch basket gear ... is that repairable or toast? The alternator rotor also has similar corrosion ... Ugh ...

    CB500T Engine - What a Mess!-image.jpg CB500T Engine - What a Mess!-image-1.jpg CB500T Engine - What a Mess!-image-2.jpg
  2. RyanNH's Avatar

    RyanNH said:
    My 450 was in a similar state. Frozen after sitting almost 30 years as well.
    Head and cylinders are at the machine shop now.
    It's hard to see from your pictures how deep the corrosion is on the clutch basket. Is is superficial or are the teeth in bad shape?
  3. 66Sprint's Avatar

    66Sprint said:
    We can see the alternator rotor in the pics and it looks fine... Did you mean the steel core of the stator windings?
    "I have a mind like a steel trap.....Old and rusty, of antiquated design, and hard to get stuff back out of...."
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  5. 76TWIN's Avatar

    76TWIN said:
    More pics (and closeups) of the various angles of the engine would help.
    You'd be surprised what can be cleaned up and still serviceable. Unless the pistons are scored badly and out of specs as they are now, I would clean them up and see.

    Hell... My own CB500T engine didn't look much better when I first got it and I managed to reuse almost all of its parts in rebuilding.
    '76 CB500T Frankenbike
    '73 CL450 (basket case for now)

    Carpe narem.
  6. misterguitar's Avatar

    misterguitar said:
    You would be shocked regarding those pistons. I bet all the rust is from the iron sleeve, not the piston.