Basic Information & Specifications Of These Models
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    Basic Information & Specifications Of These Models

    CB/CL450 and CB500T

    Here, you will find Links that will give you the basic information, the differences in each year of production and specifications of the CB/CL450 & the CB500T


    CL450 ... ramble.htm


    Now, while SOME of these are a little vague, we WILL be adding whatever ADDITIONAL info, that WE come up with AND/OR that is supplied from our members.

    CB450 K1
    [attachment=0:138wqyb4]CB450 K1.jpg[/attachment:138wqyb4]
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Basic Information & Specifications Of These Models-cb450-k1.jpg  

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    Clearly, in my mind, the K1 as shown above in a beautiful example is the pick of the litter. Chrome tank with side rubber without that ball buster tank of the K0. The Later CB's are all lovely as well but I particularly like the ones with the drum brake on the front. They just look so perfect for the period. I've owned a 70 CB450, a 71 CL450 and a 76 CB500T. I just bought a 72 CL450 that is going down the cafe/tracker/?? road. It is was too early to decide what will happen but the side pipes, which I never liked, are already gone.

    Ronny's K0 is a real winner in my book.

    Mike Holbrook
    Star, Idaho

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    Ronny -

    You might want to mention that your photo shows what a appears to be a (very nice) US-model 5-speed K1.
    also that the Motorea data only addresses US models.
    There may be significant differences in non-US K-series models.
    There are also certain inaccuracies in the Motorea data - for instance the CB K5/6/7 are listed as 3 valves per cylinder, with a 360 degree crank, and twin balance shafts (whatever that means), which is not the case. All 450's are 2-valves per cylinder, and 180 degree cranks.
    The first of the CB K4 photos shows a bike with the "droopy" Euro-style rear fender, and older style mufflers. The US K4's had a shorter rear fender and megaphone-type mufflers.
    There may be more inaccuracies, don't have the time or inclination to check.
    Just as an aside, the 45 hp figure, while straight from Honda's advertising, is pretty overblown and optimistic.

    And I agree that the K1 is one of the best-looking bikes ever...........
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    Bill Lane
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    No advice, just info

    '75 CB200T, '71 CB450 K4 Half-Breed, '72 CL350 (Sold), '81 CM200T, '72 C70M
    and a little red Chineeze scooter

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    Also wrong is the 75 500T gauge faces being black, they were brown,

    1973 CB 450 K6 PAMCO
    1975 CB 500T PAMCO
    1985 CB650SC Nighthawk
    1985 VF 1100S Sabre
    2012 Buddy 125 (wifes)

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