1974 CB-250 K Seat Lock - Removal of Core Cir-Clip
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Thread: 1974 CB-250 K Seat Lock - Removal of Core Cir-Clip

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    1974 CB-250 K Seat Lock - Removal of Core E-Clip *SOLVED*



    I've been having a rather interesting time with this seat lock as of late, with trying to figure out the removal of the cir-clip holding in the core of the lock. As shown in the photographs below, the bottom of the lock seems to have an access port for the removal of the cir-clip. For the life of me I either cant seem to find the right tool, or the stars just aren't aligning because what seems to be a simple disassembly has become the bane of all problems. Personally I'm not wanting to destroy the lock in any way, but I'm tempted to widen the port with a drill bit for better access to the cir-clip, allowing me to use a bigger tool to pop it off the core. Figured I'd check in with people with more knowledge of these old Honda twins as to if there's a certain knack to this or a specific tool I need in my arsenal before I do anything too extreme.

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    Perhaps ask at a local Locksmith or Machine Shop?
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    All I can offer is the lock cylinder USUALLY requires the key inserted and to be in the unlocked position for removal.....
    Perhaps when in that position, inserting a tool in the hole will separate the actuator lever arm from the cylinder allowing access to the circlip..... Just a guess......
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    Oh cool. I've been wondering how to pull that thing apart and after looking at your picture, I've just been out to the garage and done it. Yay - thanks for the image and pointers.

    First - don't go cutting stuff. What you need to know is that it's not a circlip - it's an e-clip, so it's got little tabs at each end and one in the middle that lock the pin in place. If you've been trying to shift it by poking about in the centre(?) of the clip, that middle tab is probably why it's put up such a fight.

    You should find there's a bit of play between the clip and the end cap (shown in your first picture), and that's your in. Get some PB Blaster or WB40 and spray the end and clip. Once you've done that, you should be able to move the clip independently of the rest of the lock. Use the key to turn the barrel and use the end of a flat-head watchmaker's screwdriver to manipulate the clip so that the ends point down. Knowing the clip has a tab that will probably end up a top centre, take the screwdriver and wiggle it between the end cap and clip at either 10 or 2 and use it to lever the clip out. It'll probably try to rocket across the room, but it shouldn't be too hard. If it's really playing up, you might want to gently bend the end couple of mm of the screwdriver to give yourself a better lever.

    That makes sense in my head, but I realise it's not the best description anyone's ever written. Nevertheless, hope it's helpful . . .
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    Well, five minutes of mucking about with a small screwdriver seems to have done the trick. Thank you kindly to Chauffeur for the heads up on the e-clip, took a bit of effort but never the less came out. Might look into perhaps getting a new e-clip, even if this one can theoretically be forced back into shape. As a heads up to all those wanting to dismantle their locks, **Do not sandblast them before dismantling** because as always sand creeps into and clogs up every crevice. So that everyone has an idea of exactly what they're taking apart, here's another image displaying the locks core in its two separate pieces as well as the e-clip.

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