Can I put 71 CB350 exhaust on my 73CB350G?
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    Can I put 71 CB350 exhaust on my 73CB350G?

    Hello everyone, I bought an exhaust system on ebay, seller said they'd fit. Will they? Even with a new set of pipes I still cant sing! Ha!

    I have left side of my original i better off looking for the right side instead of putting something else on?
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    Headers from all years cb and CL will fit, but the collar clamp(the name skips my mind at the moment) on early models may be drilled for thinner studs, and the 2 piece collar (shim?) length (long for early models) corresponds to the header flange thickness (thin for early models)

    You will also need to fabricate a bracket to support the muffler

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    Yeah, they should fit fine. If they were from an older model you would probably have to switch to longer split collars, but that's no big deal. The '71 pipes should be a direct fit, though.
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    The HEADER Pipe looks right but that is not an OEM Muffler.
    Looks more like a Harley muffer.

    The VERY Early Bike had 6 mm Studs and had a Short Reinforcement section at the Gasket end if the Hearder Pipe. Maybe 1/4" in total lenght.

    The Later versions have 8 mm Studs so the Collars are not interchangable. They also lenghtened the reinforcement section at the Head Jiont to approx 1-1/4".
    It is a Very noticable difference and the Collars that fit in between are different lengths so they have to match the pipes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yendor View Post
    The HEADER Pipe looks right but that is not an OEM Muffler.
    Looks more like a Harley muffer.
    I think Yendor's right. That looks like the early Sportster swap that some people (including me) have tried. Apparently they were basically free junk in the early 2000's so they were easy to get. I think I paid 30 bucks for the pair. PO had mangled the discs/plates that disrupt flow down the center of the pipe, so I could never get them to match and run right. Took them off. Left and right had different mounting brackets since they're designed to both run on the same side when on a Sportster. You can make it work, but I remember the kickstands whacking it pretty good. Sounded niceish, but that's compared to 12 inch no-name shorties.

    Wait, is the picture of what you have, or of what you bought?
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