cb350 brake pedal
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    cb350 brake pedal

    Are all brake pedals interchangeable between the years of the CB350? I've had bad luck buying brake pedals off ebay and ended up with 2 bent ones. Any signs to look for other than noticeable creases and bends? (I'm guessing not and that I just have to trust the word of the seller.) I'm going to try one from mistermonkeyclaw this time that is listed as no damage. Any horror stories buying from him or is his 99% rating pretty legit?

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    Not sure on the interchangeability of the pedals but I've been very happy with pieces from mistermonkeyclaw on eBay.
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    The basic pedals are the same for all years, no difference between CB and CL either. Early pedals had no stop, and later ones did, but that's easy to see when one is pictured. My original pedal had no stop, but was bent. I bought a straight (sort of) one on eBay from a later model and it fit fine. I think about 90% of the ones for sale out there are bent. They have such a convoluted shape, it's difficult to tell if they are bent when just looking at a picture.
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