75 Honda CB360 Front Wheel wont fit
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    75 Honda CB360 Front Wheel wont fit

    Hello im currently working on my 75 CB360T and im having issues with putting the stock wheel on. Nothing has changed except for the tire which shouldnt affect it..
    Am i missing something on the front axle? One side sits in flush with the fork and the other side doesn't as you can see in the pictures. You can also see that the brake rotor rubs the fork which is why it wont sit flush. Any help?75 Honda CB360 Front Wheel wont fit-img_8866.jpg75 Honda CB360 Front Wheel wont fit-img_8869.jpg75 Honda CB360 Front Wheel wont fit-img_8870.jpg

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    I can see several errors.....Be happy to help and guide you through proper installation....... Phone 540-525-5199
    "I have a mind like a steel trap.....Old and rusty, of antiquated design, and hard to get stuff back out of...."
    Contact info: E-mail; [email protected] Phone; 540-525-5199

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