CB350 Tire Load Ratings
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    CB350 Tire Load Ratings

    I bought a front tire with a 441lb load rating, a little detail I happened to notice as I had just finished putting the wheel back on.

    Anyway, now I'm trying to figure out the manufacture load rating spec for the CB350k3. I've done quite a bit of hunting for it.

    Without the spec, does each tire need to be rated at the total weight of the bike+rider or is it only the portion of the weight that is distributed to each wheel that the respective tire must be rated to handle? Confused about how the load rating actually works, and can't seem to find it explained online other than to match manufacture spec.


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    The load rating is the amount of weight that individual tire is capable of carrying. The rating for each tire needs to meet or exceed the maximum load the bike will put on that wheel.
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    Ok, that's a pretty good start J-T. So it is in fact a portion of the bike's weight rather than the total weight. Great.

    So any way you divide the weight, which I assume is close to 50/50 front back:
    If my total bike + rider weight is say ~550lb (on the safe side) each tire would see no more than say 300-400lb... right? So a tire with a load rating of 441lb is fine for now I guess?
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    You'll be fine... and remember, it's also a 350 - weight will be the only critical factor involved here, since it isn't going to overwhelm the tire with high horsepower under load at continuous high speeds. The only issue with the average tire on your bike might be extended 2 up riding with a particularly heavy passenger (over 250) and that would mostly be on the rear tire anyway

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