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Is PAMCO done?

Thread: Is PAMCO done?

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    JamesPal said:
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    I saw on the xs650 forum that some folks had even ordered a unit, only to be refunded. I never knew how big his operation was, but it seemed like he needed somebody to be a PR rep for him and perhaps have a small technical support center of fellow motorcyclists that could have been in on the ground floor to help with support. I get not wanting to let possible trade secrets out but I'm sure there are plenty of guys who would be (or would have been) willing to help other riders tech the equipment if the information was just available. That's what our community is about, right? If it was just him, building, shipping and supporting everything (several models for different bikes across several websites), I can get why he maybe got frustrated or just burnt out.
    Pete did come to this forum starting with the 350. People on this forum participated in development and he was very active helping people and providing warranty support. After the 350/360/450 products got going he started working on other sites to develop products for the SOHC4 and XS650. While he got involved in those projects some of the inexperienced people on this site bought his product and put them on bikes that didn't fix the problems that previously existed on their bikes. Some got very nasty if Pete didn't respond immediately. Didn't matter if it was right in the middle of the riding season and the customer was wrong. In the end his success was his down fall. We need to keep in mind how important it is to take responsibility for our actions and be respectful in dealing with others.
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    Rob Axel said:
    I believe a LOT of issues could have been handled up front and EASY...
    First.. BEFORE a unit should have been sold a simple checklist should have been "signed off on"..
    1-This unit will NOT fix a poorly tuned or running motor.
    2-Installing this unit with a factor R/R will void warranty.
    A good set of PRINTED installation instructions wouldn't have hurt either with each unit and the above items in large print..
    The final product not encased in epoxy would have been nice, but I understand the "repair" aspect... but wires not having some mechanical attachement other than solder joints was a weak point .. and entry point for moisture
    Just my $.02..
    I think simple things like this may have minimized Frustration of the buyer and manufacture ..
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