Cb360 carb float stuck
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    Cb360 carb float stuck

    I have cleaned and rebuilt my carbs. However, the right carb float continues to get stuck open flooding the bowl. How can I solve this.

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    Is the float hanging up on something?

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    Lefty may be right I had a 350 that did the same thing . Found the floats were loose enough they were hitting the side of the carb.


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    My 759A carbs were overflowing fairly often. I got a rebuild kit and put in the new bits, including float needles. When I checked float height they were at about 21mm. I adjusted them to 18 according to spec. They stopped overflowing, but the bike wouldn't start and the plugs were wet with gas. Thinking I made a mistake, I reset the float back to 21, now they overflow again. This time when I adjusted them, I noticed that the little wire clip the needle hangs from could work itself around the end of the tab it hangs from. When that happens, it binds on the float "arms" and can't close properly. When I had it adjusted to 18, the hanger tab was bent close to the "arms" so the needle wasn't able to move around on the tab. That's my theory of why my carbs are overflowing, but I stll can't start my bike

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