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Thread: 1971 CB350 K3 Motor Rebuild

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    ^^^+1 on Vesrah gaskets, I've used them many many times and have never had any issues. You can get a good price on a set of oil seals here, their seals are throughout my 450 engine and work fine, and are a great value

    CL450 project reboot, street legal this time
    Budget drag bike project
    CB350K1 full patina project
    Ride along at the drag strip

    running points... because I'm too old for mysteries that begin with pushing

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    Cam arrived and is being ground. Waiting on word to see how bad my head is. Waiting on word from Japan about the pistons (no shipping info yet). Basically all I'm doing is waiting and cleaning gasket off the lower end. I have the new cam chain, just waiting to install it when I can do more than just add a chain.

    It got me thinking about electronic ignition. I just added new points and don't have a problem setting them. Is there any benefit to adding an electronic ignition to these bikes other than maintenance? I don't care about it being mechanically original, I just want a swiss watch engine.

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    They've been real good on communication with me. You might email them and check https://www.cruzinimage.net/contact/ . Also check your Junk/Spam email folder.
    I know the wait game real well, started assembly of the engine Saturday with the transmission and final hard check of the bearings revealed my small counter shaft bearing was sticking, found the shaft pitted, and the large mainshaft bearing hangs @once every 30-40 revolutions. So new bearings and both shafts are in transit from Netherlands and PA. Thank you David Silver Spares and CMSNL. I could have just replaced the mainshaft bearing but for $9 more I get a new shaft as well. So while I wait I'll start working on sub-assemblies for the bike, swing arm, steering stem, etc.
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    1972 CL350 nuts and bolts restore in progress

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