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Thread: struggling to get my CL350 running correctly

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    I had similar problems when I first bought my used Rebel 450. One cylinder was just about dead. Turned out to be a plugged jet, yours might be just something in one of the ports. It doesn't take much.
    After I got it running from that on both cylinders equally it ran like crap. It would start out fine then have no power couldn't figure it out. I adjusted everything still nothing. I was on the forums reading a lot. I was running without the intake box on. I kept seeing people having problems after putting after market filters on. So I put the intake box on fired it up hit the throttle and almost did a wheelie.
    You might want to try to go back to stock and change one thing at a time.

    Good Luck
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    What was the fix? Is it running good now? These threads last forever and I hate to see forever unresolved. That's for Amelia Earhart.
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