CB360G/250G Tachometer Conversion to digital gauge
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    CB360G/250G Tachometer Conversion to digital gauge


    Has anyone converted their cable driven tachometer to a digital gauge?
    I am trying to reduce the number of gauges to only one.
    I found this tachometer that has a cable driven speedometer and a digital tachometer all in one unit.
    Here it is: https://www.ebay.com/p/Multifunction...84224807&rt=nc

    Does anyone know how to wire it for a CB360/250G engine?
    Just wondering if anyone here has tried this conversion.
    I have no information available from the seller, these are widely sold on Aliexpress.

    Thank you!
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    No info on what sensor, if any, this unit needs. Some tachs use signal to points (no sensor), some use a wire wrapped around plug wire, some use their own sensor. Ask the vendor for clarification.

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