Missing Seat Stopper Bar
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    Missing Seat Stopper Bar

    I've got a 1970 cl175k4. It doesn't have a seat stopper bar, part number 7721629200. It's the L shaped bar that keeps the seat up. Does anyone have an extra they would sell or can you measure the diameter of the rod and length of each section? I understand that they were used in a lot of different models.

    Also, im having trouble removing the chrome pieces that fit into and holds the turn signals, and has the wire running thru it. It has a bolt thst clamps it that you take out and it looks like it should come right out. I removed the clamp bolt and it comes out about an eighth inch and stops. I've tried wedging the clamp area open further. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    I just got a length of stainless steed rod and bent it to fit by trial and error, probably 3-4mm diameter. Never did get around to fixing it in place so that it didn't fall out of the housing in the seat base, glad you reminded me about this, something I need to attend to on my new project bike.

    As for the turn signal bodies, they do just pull off from the indicator stems once that bolt has been removed. A screwdriver in the gap in the clamp helps, then just keep worrying at it until it comes free, corrosion builds up in the splines.
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