Found tires for the cb200
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    Found tires for the cb200

    For those that want some period correct looking and reasonably priced tires for your cb200, I found some vee brand tires offered by look under vintage.

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    Back in the day, my CB175 came from new with Japanese Dunlop Gold Seal tyres, which were soft and gripped very well, even in the cold and wet. A definite step up from earlier Japanese tyres, which had no wet grip whatsoever.

    I fitted these tyres to my CB175K4, for the period look, and they work fine in the dry. I haven't tried them in the wet, apart from a couple of miles in torrential rain on the way home from the MOT station last month.

    These tyres are by Maxxis, although I reckon Chingshen ( rudely (and probably unfairly these days) nicknamed Cheap **** ) do some similar ones.

    Found tires for the cb200-cb175front.jpg Found tires for the cb200-cb175rear.jpg
    1970 Honda CB175K4
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