Length of front Brake Cable 1971 CB175K5
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    Length of front Brake Cable 1971 CB175K5

    Howdy all.

    First, let me thank all of you for the plethora of valuable information on this site. I've been able to search around and read a bunch of common solutions to topics that are coming up on my new to me CB175. Cheers!

    One thing I can't seem to find is info regarding the two different part numbers for front brake cables. I assume that the 2 options that were available for this model are because of different bar heights perhaps, but can't seem to find the measurements for those two listed part numbers. I took a swing and it looks like I got the 50/50 chance wrong. The cable I purchased (45450235010) was about 3 or 4 inches too long. Anyone know what the length is of the other part # 45450351000? I'd hate to order that one and be wrong twice. Or I could be completely wrong and they are the same length but different in some other way. Thoughts?

    Thanks much
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    I hesitated in replying to this, as I can't really help with part numbers.

    Just to say that I've been there and done that, ended up ordering various pattern front brake cables until I found ones that fit.

    My CL175, with the high scrambler style bars, is wearing a CB350 front brake cable, which is the right length, outer cable wise, but is right on the limit of adjustment on the inner cable. I think a drum brake CB200 cable would also work.

    My CB175 has the UK spec low narrow bars, and I was able to get a pattern cable locally ( in the UK ) that fits exactly. More complicated on that bike, because as a K4 it had an inline front brake light switch. I was swapping to K6 bars, so I had to fit a later brake lever perch that included a front brake light micro switch.

    Your other option would be to shorten the cable that is too long, although soldering the new nipple is not to be taken lightly, your life depends on it not coming off !
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