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Honda CB175 K6 Handle bars

Thread: Honda CB175 K6 Handle bars

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  1. NigelGF's Avatar

    NigelGF said:

    Honda CB175 K6 Handle bars

    Can anybody tell me where i can obtain a pair of new Handle bars for my Honda CB175 K6
  2. Richard_Pitman's Avatar

    Richard_Pitman said:
    US or UK model ?


    More helpfully, the UK bikes had narrow flat bars. Replica 400/4 bars are a reasonable substitute, a bit wider, but come ready drilled for the switchgear and wiring.

    Here's my two 175s at an earlier phase in their development. The K4 on the left is wearing CB175K6 bars, the CL175K7 on the right is wearing CB400/4 bars. ( Along with CB175 K6 bodywork and exhausts ).

    Honda CB175 K6 Handle bars-twin2.jpg
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  3. chaindrivecharlie's Avatar

    chaindrivecharlie said:
    Just put these on our K6, love them!
    Got them off ebay, they are like the 400 bars too.
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  5. NigelGF's Avatar

    NigelGF said:

    Honda 175 K6 Handlebars

    It is a UK Spec bike .
  6. NigelGF's Avatar

    NigelGF said:
    Thanks for the info.