CL-160 Scrambler fork disassembly
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    CL-160 Scrambler fork disassembly


    This is my first restoration. 67 Honda CL-160 Scrambler. I'm currently attempting to rebuild the forks, removed the C clip and the fork pipe still doesn't come out. Other forums infer that the chrome cap on top of the fork case needs to be unscrewed.

    Does anyone have any suggestions besides heat, and strap wrench?
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    Haven't taken apart any CL 160 forks in quite awhile, but the CB ones DO NOT need the chrome cap removed......
    You simply (and repeatedly) compress the forks and snatch them back to extension aided by the springs, (after draining/pumping oil out the top) and the internals will eventually drive the seals up and out......
    IF the snap ring can come out, the the seal which is smaller in diameter certainly will.....

    Someone please correct me if my memory is faulty.....
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