72 CL350 brake light wiring?
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    72 CL350 brake light wiring?

    In the process of putting my Bike in a Box project CL350 back together. Have installed the wiring harness and tail light. There appears to be about 4-5" of wiring (2 wires) coming out of the brake light and I need about 10-12" to reach the harness. Is there another intermediate harness I need? I'm told the tail light is the correct light from the bike, harness as well but there is no way these wires reach. Thoughts?

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    The wire "extensions" should reside in the channel on the underside of the rear fender.....
    (Exiting through rubber grommets under the seat, and at the base of the tail-light mount bracket)....

    Three wires.... Green, Brown, and Green with Yellow stripe......
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