72’ CB450 Stator
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Thread: 72’ CB450 Stator

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    72’ CB450 Stator

    I have been working on my CB450 build for a while. Finally thought I had it wrapped up but have discovered the bike is not charging. After some research and testing with the meter, I have found that the stator is going to ground. I have not pulled the cover off but will be tomorrow.
    Thus far, I have not been able to locate a replacement stator. Any suggestions to track one down?

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    I THINK "Charlie's Place" makes one for the 350/360.. if I remember I read it will fit a 450.. but the timing marks will be incorrect..
    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong..
    Worst case, get it re-wired... oh, don't forget magnets
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    Before you spend the money buying one I would suggest taking the stator and inspect it closely. Mine had the same issue at one point also and I found that some of the insulation in the wires have become brittle from age and broken off leaving bare wire to touch the case hence the grounding.

    I replaced all 3 wires and problem solved.
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    If you cant repair the one you have or find one contact Custom Rewind 205-796-7282. Not cheap but very good at what they do.

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