new battery brand?
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    new battery brand?

    time for a new battery. what brand have you had the best luck with? in the past I have tried Bike Master and Interstate. both lasted less than 1 year. last battery was a NAPA, it is just a year old and is stuck on 11.6 volts.
    help will be appreciated. 73 Honda CB -350E
    thanks Rod in AZ

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    Sounds like you should upgrade your charging system first, then buy an AGM (acid-Gel Mat) type battery
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    I've had good luck with Motobatt.
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    Scorpion AGM type from
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    When I bought my V65 in late 2013, it had what was said to be a new battery in it. I had to replace the battery recently and was impressed that it lasted over 5 years, so I looked for another one like it. Believe it or not, it was an AGM through Walmart and is called ChromeBattery (replaces a YTX-20L Yuasa) for $58

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    I am starting year 6 or 7 with a motto batt battery. Highly recommended.
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    Surprised your interstate only lasted a year. Mine is 2 years plus, no idea if its good this year as I forgot to put it on a tender.

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    I have the same issue with my 70 SL 175. I have had to replace the battery every year when I get the bike out of winter storage. The battery was at 11.7vdc and wouldn't take a charge, now it's died all together. I first thought there was a charging problem and two years ago I found an intermittent rectifier and thought that would do it but I still have the same issue. I checked the battery at idle and it was 13.3vdc and 14.2vdc at 3000 rpm's. I replaced the battery again and now it seems to be okay. These batteries will drain a little on their own from just sitting. These batteries can also be affected by heat and cold. If you find a problem I would appreciate it if you can let me know. I can't find anything really wrong but I think changing a battery every year is not right.

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    Three batteries in three years? I'm thinking the problem is not the batteries. See Steve's comment regarding charging system above. Do you use a tender in the off season or during long periods of non-use? Just about any modern battery should last more than one year. Three different ones in three years really sounds like something else is at play.
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