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Thread: 1973 CL175 - Idle speed screws (not the mixture screws) do nothing?!

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    I've got two sets of CL175 carbs, stamped 653A on the manifold, and two sets of CB175 carbs, stamped 306B on the manifold.

    The CL carbs have the hole in the mixture screw that you describe, whereas the CB ones are solid. The ones found in the aftermarket kits are also solid.

    I'm afraid to say that I've also battled with getting a stable idle on my CL, and swapping between the two types of air screw hasn't made much difference. However, I'm running CB carbs with CL jetting on my CL, so mixing and matching parts probably doesn't help.
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    Nevertheless, it’s good information to know that the CB and CL screws differ. I wonder why the difference exists.

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    I believe the difference is within the carbs, not necessarily which bike it is mounted to, although because of other differences (air jets, slide needles), that does seem to apply.....AND, the carbs specific to a bike are designed to balance flow, etc to the entire SYSTEMS' demands, including the exhaust......
    The CL exhaust is much more restrictive than the CB or even the SL.....
    IIRC, the 653 A carbs use the perforated screw, the 306 B use the solid screw......

    This generally only becomes problematic IF you employ aftermarket brass bits, or have spare carbs and have removed them from their identifying (numbered) manifolds......
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