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    Might the rocker arm shafts might be interfering? Pressed ever so slightly inboard and catching on the threads of the studs?

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    Slide the rocker shafts out slightly to clear the threaded portion of the studs.
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    Omg...all that's keeping this on there are 2 small nuts under the spark plugs?! I feel ridiculous 😂
    I need to get out and work on it again soon. Between a new job and a strained MCL, I've taken some time off. My thoughts on repairing the hole (which isn't crazy big) are to use a helicoil to bring it back down to size. Do you think a 1/4in bolt will fit in the slot of the tensioner rod? If so, that's probably an easier fix. As for the cam chain, it's already off (took me a moment to find that sneaky link it had in it). I went ahead and got myself a set of new gaskets so I can replace the entirety of the motors gaskets, because it seems to me that they are all factory original gaskets, which makes too old for me to trust lol.

    As soon as I get back out there I'll be uploading some pictures.

    Thank you so much Mike for that piece of vital info on the hidden spark plug nuts!

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