Cl175 clutch sticks after riding for about 20 min
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Thread: Cl175 clutch sticks after riding for about 20 min

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    As the title states... my cl175 shifts and runs great until about 20 to 30 min into riding. Then if I am at a light or stopped, when I release the clutch lever, the cable seems stuck and will not engage. Then after about 5 seconds it will snap into place and kill the engine.

    It is pretty hot here in TX, about 95 to 100 degrees when I have been riding. Maybe that is part of the issue?

    Thanks in advance for your support.

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    Sounds like either the cable needs to be lubed or replaced, or the mechanism that pushes the clutch rod in the front sprocket cover needs to be lubed with a little grease or replaced. The way the cable is routed could also be a factor, if it's too close to the engine or exhaust in some areas it might be getting hotter than usual. Our temps here in FL are about the same and my 450 cable will stretch a little after it gets hot creating a little more lever movement than usual, but it never sticks because of it

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    Check that you have good ground connections to the headlight cluster of wiring.....(Green wiring)
    I have seen bikes where the clutch cable acted as a replacement and constant ground, and would get hot enough to get "sticky" after awhile when actuating the clutch lever......
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    I readjusted and lubed the clutch last night and it definitely felt better. But I will also be checking the ground this weekend when I get some more time. Thanks for the advice from you both.

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    If it sticks again reach down and give a quick pull on the cable housing,where it enters the engine. If you can pull some slack there, you know the cable is free to move and the clutch lifter is binding. If you can't pull any slack, then the cable itself must be binding.
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    When mine started to stick after putting the bike on the road after sitting for years, I took the lever end off, fished it back through the frame so I could hold the lever end upright then dripped 3 in 1 oil slowly down the cable interior--that really freed it up. Then greased the clutch arm fitting and felt a significant improvement.
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