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Thread: Smart Phones - Poll

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    Smart Phones - Poll

    Here's the next poll -
    Do you own and regularly use a smart phone?
    Bill Lane
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    Was there a smart phone available during the 70s??
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    Still hanging on to my "flip-Phone" although I did try a smart phone and didn't like it.....
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    I do use a smart phone. In fact it is required for my work.
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    I have a phone to call AAA if I have car trouble. I dont give out the number and the only ones who have it are family members. That being said I can see that it is essential for just about everything we do today.


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    I use a smart phone every day, many times a day. No need for a camera anymore as pretty much any decent smart phone takes really good pictures and since it's with you wherever you go, you can get pictures of things that you come across - unusual bikes, like a CL360 with less than 1000 miles on it in downtown Seattle in 2010, or a marvelous sunset - right on the spot. All the pictures of my 450 build, all pictures taken at Barber during 2 separate years' visits, all my vacation pictures and so many others simply taken with my phone while there... and it doesn't hurt to have information at your fingertips too, along with other useful stuff like a compass, calculator and flashlight. And if you're not a big data user, you can take advantage of Consumer Cellular's excellent rates and really get by inexpensively. My wife and I both have smart phones, share 3 Gb of data and unlimited talk/text for $52 a month for both. It's a no-brainer to me

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    I bought one a few years back mainly for security when out riding my bike (in case of breakdown or mishap). I ride alone so find it good for peace of mind when riding. I have some offline maps loaded on it just in case I need to look up where something is but this is quite rare (hard to get lost where I live ). Like Tom said, the cameras on newer phones are great and I'm finding that it probably accounts for 90% of my usage with the phone. I always have it in the garage to take photos when taking something apart, they are then uploaded automatically to the cloud so I can access them later on my PC. Invaluable when putting it all back together.

    I'm thinking that if I never rode or worked on bikes then I wouldn't really have much use for one though. I don't give the number out, only family have it, so it rarely gets used as a phone

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    My wife and I both have iphones, and use them everyday. They are older models - we don't give in to the hysteria of having to have the latest expensive models. We wouldn't know how to use half the features anyway! I was fine without having a smart phone for years, but since I need to get email for my work, a cheap smartphone makes sense for me. I too use the camera on mine a lot. In the garage, on vacation, or just out on the road, I love the convenience of always having it. Truthfully, we probably text more than make calls. Most of the time I don't need to speak to someone right away, so shooting them a text and having them get back to me at their convenience works well. I also send photos with texts quite frequently. We signed up with Ting years ago. They use the Sprint network so nationwide coverage is very good. With both of our smartphones our bill is usually in the $40 a month neighborhood - we only pay for what we need. Last vacation the lake house we stayed at didn't have internet, so we used more data that week. The bill that month went up to $55.
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    I got rid of my phone a couple years ago and it was the best technology decision I've made. I had been bothered by the fact that I had lived the vast majority of my life without the need to have 24/7 contact and with smart phones came the expectation that I would jump to it's beckoning. Smart phone's, in my opinion, make the nothings of life important, all those things that serve to waste our lives are blared 24/7 from that little box and we are expected to jump.

    I have a camera for pictures, a computer for the internet and a phone at the house with an answering machine. I control my time once again.
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    Love having a smartphone plus met my girlfriend on it.
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