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Thread: Selfies

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    How many of us have NEVER taken a selfie?
    Have you?
    Bill Lane
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    I can probably count on both hands how many I've taken, and probably have a finger or two left. Don't find it important to do unless I'm with visiting relatives and there's no one around to take a picture for us. I have mirrors at home, I'm well aware of what I look like
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    I voted no. Must admit though to having tried it once or twice to see what it was all about. Since I only recently got a phone with a camera on both sides, the first attempt captured everything around me but me. The other attempt, since I'm old and wear reading glasses when looking at my phone, turned out to capture some unrecognizable old guy I didn't particularly want a picture of!

    I don't do "social media." I'm not trying to impress ANYONE, and the last thing on my mind at this stage of life is trolling for admiring chicks. I have nothing to prove to anyone and little to toot my horn about. Nah, I'll leave the selfie stuff to a younger crowd who enjoy that sort of self-created fame. Have fun with it!

    I do truly feel sorrow for the cellphone generation though. In most cases all their life memories are on a silicon chip. When the batteries expire or there is no longer a compatible device they're gonna wish they'd printed a photo of grandma or their kids as babies.
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    Pretty much all my travel photos with me in them from 25+ years ago are selfies, they were shot on film with a crap instamatic. If there was no one around you trusted, and you actually wanted to be in the picture there wasn't much choice other than holding the camera backwards at arm's lengthSelfies-img_20191011_114015.jpg
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    Does it count when the wife is the one taking the shots? LOL

    She's ALWAYS taking them when we're out ANYWHERRE *groans*
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    I take selfies occasionally, but usually for humor or when the military lets near their big guns

    @oupa I'm going to disagree about how photos are stored. With just a bit of planning its quite easy to migrate your digital photos to new formats as they come out. And unlike film/prints, I can easily store my photos online "in the cloud" where they're immune to things like flooding and fires that might otherwise destroy physical copies. And digital storage makes it easier for me to keep all my memories in one place. I've taken 13,000 Photos last year for my job, and I can fit them all on a chip the size of a fingernail, where as storing 13,000 physical photos would be nearly impossible.

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    Tried it with my crappy flip phone and got crappy results.
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    Most selfies I do are "delete from device" worthy lol. with these smart phones these days you can do that instantaneously, with the old film cameras you had to go and have them processed printed and then get the picture and burn it.. lol
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    I was told to take an occasional selfie just to prove I was there. This is 180 feet up a mono pole after a storm blew up an antenna.

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    I sometimes take pictures of my wife and me while on holiday. As we prefer "lonely" enviroment for our hikes and walks (we like scandinavia for example) there is often no person around to take the picture.
    So I place my camera (a real camera, though digital. You can NOT use it as a phone or external brain) on a wall, tree fork or whatever, aim it at the scene and start the auto/self-timer, hurry to my wife in the hope of a decent picture. Works sometimes

    I would not call this a "selfie", because selfies imply -for me- to have the picture taken with stretched out arm, using a so-called smartphone and getting a picture filled with 90% of your face as a result.
    If this is valid "0" selfies for me - simply because I still don't use a smartphone, but an old fashioned slider type mobile. The battery lasts for 3-4 weeks if its in standby only...

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