Your lift table...tell me about it.
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Thread: Your lift table...tell me about it.

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    Your lift table...tell me about it.

    What kind, what you like about it, what you don't like.
    I'm considering the "Complete Motorcycle Lift".
    A buddy has one. Seems like good bang for the bucks.

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    Sadly mine is "imaginary".
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    Angle iron and square tube scraps, with a plywood top, powered by my big floor jack:Your lift table...tell me about it.-132.jpg
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    Mike, that's a great idea and very creative. Saved you a pile of money, or at least the $300 for the HF model.

    I'm in the minority here as to the amount of money spent, but when I moved to where I am now a little over 3 years ago and in the process acquired my 26x36 detached, air-conditioned garage (with half bath) I decided to buy a nice lift. Paid about $675 for the droptail air cylinder lift from Derek Weaver and I love it

    Your lift table...tell me about it.-20160620_173645.jpg
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    The Harbor Freight lift!!!! I love it!!! And I have used others. It will handle the heaviest of bikes. It has lips that prevent TOOLS from falling off. And I do not need air to operate it. It also can be raised half way up and used as a coffee table or raised all the way up and used as a buffet table.

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    I bought a very cheap hydraulic one, probaby made in China. It works well and I would hate to be without it. However, a word of caution. Check the table length before you buy. Mine has a lift-out panel that is meant to facilitate rear wheel removal but after pulling the bike on the stand the rear wheel is hanging over the back edge of the table and I am unable to remove it.
    When considering length remember that even after pushing bike to the end of the table it moves back when you haul it on the stand.
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    I bought the Harbor Freight lift when it was on sale and used the 20% off coupon too. I think I was out the door for less than 3 bills. Best decision I ever made. Saves my knees and as TOOLS alluded to, set at the right height it’s a great place to set my beer

    Your lift table...tell me about it.-3c7122e4-3041-4e3b-b8f2-072866c63c2e.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rscottp View Post
    Sadly mine is "imaginary".
    I have that exact same model!
    I only pretend I know what I'm doing.

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    It got a hair trigger. Look at it wrong and it comes crashing to the ground. It's also been know to bend spokes and dent gas tanks,..... But there may be some operator error on that one.

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    +1 on the Harbor Freight lift. See modifications done here:

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