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Thread: Pushed home the new Honda - a GL1100.

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    I do not mind changing tires on shaft drive bikes. Just put the bike on the center stand, remove the brake stay bolt, or caliper. Then remove the rear axle, drop the spacer/brake backing plate out, slide the wheel over and it comes right out. Reverse to install. I do them by myself all the time. Be sure to grease the axle when putting it back in.

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    As I recall the '82 A and I models were the first to offer direct-from-Honda fairings and stuff. Prior to that it was all aftermarket for the Wings. In fact after '82 it was tough to get one without all the touring crapola.
    And Steve is right, Naked just meant no fairings or other crap - I guess I assumed everyone knew that, sorry.......
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    Been two months, and I'm nearing the point where the non-running bike is in pretty good shape. Took about 40 - 60 hours of typical old bike repairs. Still a few issues, one I'll probably just live with for now, and a few others I'll address.

    When I've been able to ride it, the Goldwing feels like a nice solid touring bike. Not my favorite bike to wrench on though. Clearances are tight enough to make everything annoying.

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