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    Number13 said:
    Nose up against the bike shop window. I was 22 when I saw the new CBX550 in the window of a small dealership in South Manchester. My girlfriend had to drag me away otherwise I would have been happy to stay there all night instead of going to the pub. My GS550 was suddenly an antique. Three weeks later after a hastily arranged bank loan I was riding mine. The bike was brilliant in every respect other than a flaw in the camchain tensioner, which all too soon led me to move it on. It spent weeks and weeks back in the shop while they swapped out one defective part for another. At least it spared me the task of trying to change the brake pads on the ventilated disks, that was a nightmare by all accounts. I ended up trading it for a Kawasaki Z750 L3, lovely engine, terrible frame and going rusty within months.
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    jjdugen said:
    I was led astray by a workmate in 1964. Chuck McMillan, where are you now? You are responsible for a lifetime of two wheeled devotion and a goodly number of my dear old mum's grey hairs. He was the first of us impoverished aprentices to become mobile, turning up on a Triumph Tina (look THAT one up!). He parlayed that to a rather second-hand C72.... But, my GOD! That thing looked gigantic, was as fast as any utilitarian Brit iron and had... an OVERHEAD CAM! That was to be the judgement of any machine on offer, push rods? Old fashioned. I learnt to ride on that C72, totally illegaly of course and my overtures to parents were met with a resounding NO! I worked two jobs to save up for my first bike, given my argument for mobility, I was reluctantly granted parental acceptance. I became the proud owner of a Ducati 200cc Elite, svelt, Italian and... It had an OVERHEAD CAM! (So that was alright in Chuck's book). I could bore you with my lifes progress, but it has been immensley satisfying, most of my dearest friends come from the ranks. One by one, the years are claiming them, but while I still have breath in my old body, I'll ride, even if I am eventually reduced to a Triump Tina!
  3. ancientdad's Avatar

    ancientdad said:
    Early in my 14th year, I wasn't really thinking about motorcycles. I grew up in a rural area and there were few bikes around, and one of them (Yamaha 100 twin) was involved in a horrible rear-end accident in which the rider was killed by a DUI driver who hit him from behind at an estimated 80 mph in a Cadillac... of course, my mother took that one strongly to heart. So it was incredibly surprising to me when later that year my father bought a beat-up used CA102 for me for $50 and let me start learning to ride - in an orange grove.

    Whey you were younger...-ca102.jpg

    Yes, I had to ride in "sugar" sand if I wanted to learn before he would ever let me go out on the street... well, of course, I did just that and eventually moved up a notch here and there with more real bikes (C110 made from a junkyard frame and the engine from the CA102, CT200 and an S90 on the way to a CA72) and on through to my first motorcycle job at a newly-opened Honda shop less than 10 miles from my house. It was then that my drooling began, but not through a window... right there in the showroom floor while putting the dealer's new bikes together out of the crate and getting to ride many different models for the first time after assembly and first start-up. It took me two more moves up - a new SL175 (with the help of father giving me an extra bike to trade in, a CL160) and then a new SL350 the following summer, but the end goal was eventually a new CL450 as I'd always adored them from a financial distance after being able to assemble one and test ride it. Couldn't have gotten there without the profitable moves up a bike at a time along the way, working and saving during the summers while being able to buy the bikes before it at a good discount while working for Honda shops and then selling them while at least breaking even or making a little profit, having had the enjoyment from them along the way. Finally during my second Honda job the following summer, it happened... so in less than 3 years, I went from a beat-up step-through girl's bike-looking 50cc starter machine to a brand-new DOHC CL450K4. It felt like a lifetime achievement at the time - even better that the dealer I worked for that year let me take it home in the crate in the back of my father's Ford pickup and assemble it in the backyard garage at home... when I sold it to move on (to the newly-released XL250 in the spring of '72), it was still under warranty and I (foolishly) passed the warranty card on to the next owner, so that's the only one missing from my collection of new bike purchases back when life was simpler and living with my parents helped make so much more happen. I did, however, save the crate tag from it...

    Whey you were younger...-cl450-crate-tag.jpg Whey you were younger...-1972-cl450k4.jpg
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    running points... because I'm too old for mysteries that begin with pushing
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  5. 83XLX's Avatar

    83XLX said:
    I'm happy with the 2 bikes I have - a '69 CL350 that I've owned since it was new, and an Ironhead Sportster, because I always wanted one. I've owned a larger stable of bikes before, and the upkeep to keep that many maintained and ready to ride is a ball & chain on your time (and pocketbook).
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  6. Bill H's Avatar

    Bill H said:
    i dont think there is any member out there that enjoyed his bike more than I , but i liked being under water more. I had one bike ,two boats , a bunch of scuba gear and my ford truck to haul it all.