What was your first motorcycle?
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Thread: What was your first motorcycle?

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    What was your first motorcycle?

    Sorry if this thread already exists but I couldn't find one. What was your first bike?

    I didn't own a Honda until I got the CB175 a couple years ago. My first four motorcycles were all Yamahas, starting with this '73 LT 100 with the awesome purple metalflake tank. Even my mom liked it!

    What was your first motorcycle?-1973-lt-100-yamaha.jpg

    Second bike: '75 MX 125B. Painted the frame red. Trickit fork extension (increased travel) which made the brace mandatory. Laid down Work Performance shocks which required cutting and re-routing the pipe (louder and meaner sound with better revs). Big fat Metzler out back.

    All in all a great woods bike. The bottom end was basically the same as the DT models and had a hefty flywheel which gave it a lot of low end pulling power.

    Should of kept it. Sold it to a kid who couldn't afford a YZ so he painted it yellow and black. Uhhhg.

    What was your first motorcycle?-mx-125b.jpg
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    I started with a 3 HP Briggs powered mini bike. Then (and I hate to say this) a Harley Z-90

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    Mine was a 1980 CB750K that I bought in '92. It was my daily rider all through college. I still have it, though it hasn't been ridden in almost 20 years. It's on the project list.
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    1965 CB450 K0
    1966 CB450 K0 (current project)
    1964 CB77
    1965 CB77
    1964 CB72 (upcoming project)
    1965 CB72 (current project)
    1964 CA77
    1972 CB350 K4
    1960 Triumph TR6 Trophy (always looking for parts to finish this one...)
    1980 CB750K
    1982 XL250R

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    Maryland, USA
    My very first bike was an emerald green CT70 about 1971. I bought my first "street bike" in 1975 when I was 16. My best friend and I left school at the beginning of 2nd period and went to the local Honda dealer where I bought a 74 XL350 for cash earned working part-time at the local hardware store. We were back in time for 4th period and our 3rd period English teacher never noticed our absence. In retrospect, she probably appreciated it!

    I was pretty hard on both those bikes. It was the peak of Evel Knievel's career and that little CT spent more time in the air than it should have. It was also the bike I learned to slide on, down in the creek bottom field one Saturday afternoon after watching highlights of the Springfield Mile on "The Wide, Wide World of Sports." The XL is responsible for actually making me a motorcycle guy though. It's dual sport capability probably endearing the sport to me more than any strictly street bike could have at that stage. It was also that which got me into more trouble than advisable.

    Good times indeed. Thanks for making me think about that today!
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    "They're not like cars with a body that rusts out in a few years. Keep them tuned and overhauled and they'll last as long as you do. Probably longer." - Robert Pirsig

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    Wow pemdoc, that was a big bike to start on. This was my first bike, a Honda CA102

    What was your first motorcycle?-scan0086.jpg
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    CL450 project reboot, street legal this time
    Budget drag bike project
    CB350K1 full patina project
    Ride along at the drag strip

    running points... because I'm too old for mysteries that begin with pushing

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    Quote Originally Posted by TOOLS1 View Post
    I started with a 3 HP Briggs powered mini bike. Then (and I hate to say this) a Harley Z-90
    Don't hate that!

    I traded a complete "as found but running" Z-90, to an Aermacchi specialist last summer in exchange for his fine tuning my SX 250. Among other things he replaced the crank, crank bearings & seals, and a bunch of other lesser work. It's now ready for the track and waiting on spring!
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    "They're not like cars with a body that rusts out in a few years. Keep them tuned and overhauled and they'll last as long as you do. Probably longer." - Robert Pirsig

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    Senior Member Rscottp's Avatar
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    Martha's Vineyard Ma
    75' Honda Z50
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    1981 Honda CX500D
    1974 Honda CB450
    1986 Yamaha Radian 600

    Martha's Vineyard Ma

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    Senior Member Paul F's Avatar
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    there seems to be a harley component here so i'll jump in.

    first bike: orange MTD "trail flite" mini bike with 3 HP Tecumseh 1971
    second: Harley "shortster" X-90 1973
    third: honda TL-125 trials 1974
    4th: Harley SX-250 1976
    5th: Suzuki 250 Exacta trials 1974
    6th: Kawasaki KZ-1000 1978
    current: Honda nighthawk 450 1986

    What was your first motorcycle?-first-bikes.jpg
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    current project: 1986 CB450SC Nighthawk

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    First bike was a BSA Bantam, first bike that actually ran was a 1960 Maico 250. First new one was a 1966 CL160.
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    '65 YG1
    '65 CB160
    '66 CL160
    '67 CL77
    '68 TR6
    '69 T100R
    '69 T120R
    '72 Commando 750
    '78 XS650E
    '79 Gl1000
    '81 440 LTD
    My company car is a Kenworth

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    2006 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail === first, 50 year birthday gift of sorts

    2nd == CB350/4

    3rd == CB750K5

    4th == CB100

    5th == CB350 Twin engine and SL350 frame

    6th == CB175 Need an engine and bits for a complete bike, so anyone have an engine (cheap)
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    "If it ain't raining, I'm riding......"

    Work in process:::::::

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