I'm guys I'm Scotty, how r u all?
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    I'm guys I'm Scotty, how r u all?

    I own a 83 cm250c honda that I turned into a bobber . But it only seems to be running on one cylinder , I've changed the plugs which seems to help but then the next time I start it it's back to only running on one cylinder . Plus it's running rich but no matter how much I try and turn the carburetor it doesn't seem to help. I've but new jets in and the float seems ok . Any one have any idea's?????????
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    LOTS of possible causes......Too much to type....Phone me......
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    I would recommend an introduction focusing on yourself and your history related to owning and working on bikes. With that we can better tailor the responses to your question.

    If you like we can move your question to the SOHC section where the right people are more likely to see it.

    How are you determining that it is running rich? What do the spark plugs look like when you remove them? Are you running the correct spark plugs? (CR6HS) (NGK) Have you checked the compression?

    The mixture screw on your carb only adjusts the mixture at idle. Running rich at higher throttle settings is caused by something else. Could be float needle failing to seal (overfilling the bowl). Could be loose or mising internal parts. Do you know if the jets are original? What intake/air cleaner are you running? I see you have the Harley mufflers, good choice.

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    Hi guys I'm from ballarat in Australia. I've only owned the bike for a few months and I don't know to much about the bikes history.but I've flush out the fuel tank (a number of times) and I've change the plugs which are cr7hs which is what was in it . And I just replace all jets in carburetor with a kit of the net as old ones weren't the best. It's still got the original air filter but with my foam on it, as the way I got it and it ran ok . I think it's running rich as the plugs are always black and sooty as is inside of my new mufflers 😕 and it seems to have good compression. It was running good but then the jets block up from crap in the tank which we clean and was running good . Got a road worthy done and got it back and now it's playing up again only running on one cylinder I put in new plug and then it's fine but then next time I start it it's back to only running on one cylinder. Any ideas to look for is much appreciated I haven't evening be able to ride her properly yet 😡

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    Welcome, and nice looking bobber. I like bobbers.

    I have the same issue, one day fine, next not.

    And that's on 3 bikes, not just one.

    Stick with it, you'll get it.

    If you have a manual, follow it to the tee. Sometimes you have to start from the beginning several times before it gets right.

    My experience at least................and I still don't have a running bike.
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