Greetings from Bucks County, PA
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Thread: Greetings from Bucks County, PA

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    Greetings from Bucks County, PA


    I have had a 73 Honda CB450K6 that was my first bike and daily rider since 2013 to Temple University. It was absolutely thrilling riding this bike everyday, even with the minor issues I would run into however, luckily, there was always a fix. Until 2017, I hit a baby deer, RIP, and luckily walked alway with a fractured heel. With finals coming up, I just didn't have the time to work on the bike and needed to focus of getting a job. So in 2018 I went to a guy up in NJ who worked on bikes to make sure the frame and forks were good and to just get the bike rolling again. He was so busy with other projects that he pretty much just rebuilt the carbs and fixed a pinched wire where the points are and some minor cosmetics issues (Image attached)

    So now here I am now. I am ready to get this project going again and am nervous and excited at the same time. I do not really have mechanical experience per say but I understand how an engine works and learn quickly. My rule is if it isn't perfect, try again.

    A few things about the bike:
    It starts up and idles fine.
    It runs rough in all gears and does not like an open throttle.
    2nd gear slips into neutral every once in a while or around corners.
    The idle speed screw on the left carb gets stuck (picture attached). I removed the tank and it help it from getting stuck but I still feel a click when pulling it up more than half way.

    My plan is start one think at a time.
    1. Rebuild Master Cylinder
    2. Adjust clutch cable
    3. Fix this throttle Link
    4. Valve Adjustment and Cam Chain
    5. Check the transmission to see what is going on with this slippage

    Do you guys recommend an tools that are a must have for CB's? I have the following and luckily have a lot of my dad's tools from his car repairs.

    Impact driver!
    Snap ring pliers
    Feeler Gauge

    What do you guys think? Thanks!
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    1. Assuming that all the bolts are still OEM, you will need the JIS screw drivers and bits. No these are not standard phillips bolts and will strip if you try to use a phillips screw driver on them.

    2. An impact driver.
    3. Snap ring pliers
    4. Feeler Gauge
    5. Oil filter spanner

    6. Of course a good set of metric sockets and wrenches ( 10, 12, 14, 17, 19 ,22, 24 mm)

    Might as well replace all the bolts while you're at it with allen bolts also
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    Carpe narem.

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    Welcome aboard. I grew up in Chalfont, went to CB West back in the 80's.
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    Nice, I went to Central Buck's East!
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    Rebuild the 'Master Cylinder' ?

    ( M/C for front disk brake )

    Is it damaged, or is there a confusion in terminology here ?
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    +1 on JIS screwdrivers. the OEM fasteners are NOT U.S. Philips and people make the mistake of camming out and stripping the original ones, making wrenching an extra chore. Vessel sells a set of these screwdrivers on EBAY and Amazon. I liked using attachments that fit my ratchet for extra leverage. I also recommend using allen head fasteners for the points because you can really obtain finite adjustments when doing ignition timing.
    master cylinder? I strongly recommend using an aftermarket m/c and steel brake lines. I did this upgrade and it helped me stop better than stock. I believe there's an EBAY seller offering direct mount m/c for under 50 bucks.

    Tranny slippage could be a simple adjustment but the shift detent thingy is a common culprit and some of the parts are a pain to source. what oil are you running? we're fans of Rotella. I used to change mine every 800 mi, Honda recommended 1,000. be vigilant with this!

    you've come to the right place. good luck.

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