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Hi all!

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    just2wheels said:

    Hi all!

    Hey Everyone,
    I have been riding on and off since I was 16 but it has been a few years since my last bike. Now I have bought 4 two wheeled machines in the last few months. I bought a 2005 Kawasaki zx6r because I couldn't pass it up with the price I got it for and I've never owned a sport bike before. Then I bought a 1979 Honda CM400A for my wife who has shown an interest in starting to ride (I thought the hondamatic would be a good idea). I then bought a project bike 1979 CB750K that I have started a cafe racer build on. And my most recent purchase was a 2009 Honda 50cc scooter for my daughter (who isn't yet old enough to ride it). I'm located in southern Alberta, Canada and am a automotive and heavy duty mechanic by trade. I have not done many forums before but am excited to see how much knowledge you all can share with me, since motorcycles are a bit different than other stuff that I work on. Hi all!-cbnw9512.jpg
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    Polish said:
    Welcome from Ontario! Nice and clean Hondamatic. I'll sent you a FSM

    Here is something to go over your bikes:
    1979 CB 400 T (Cafe Racer)
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    just2wheels said:
    Thanks, that's a great pre-check. Any idea where I could find info on the "hondamatic" transmission?