Good morning from Phoenix, AZ
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Thread: Good morning from Phoenix, AZ

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    Good morning from Phoenix, AZ

    I'm JohnP, an old biker (riding since 1964) who has a 1970 SL175 with kickstarter issues. Will rarely catch to spin the engine over. Runs fine with a bump start, but my balance would like it if the bike was running before it was moving.
    Any advice is surely welcome, and if there is a 175 pro in the Phoenix area who would be willing to help straighten this problem out, that would be great too.
    Thanks, this looks like surely the group that I need.
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    Welcome, not an expert on 175s, those fellas may be along shortly. Best to post issues up int the correct area lots of people here watch areas of the forums for things they know.

    You do have a resource in Scottsdale that I have been using for years. Western Honda has one of the better parts fiches still out there and looking at that assembly, if it was put together incorrectly by a PO or is just gummed up from sitting that is where I would start. Fiches in general usually have things broken down in how they came apart on the bike. My bet is on the dogs being clogged up or worn out if the bike has never been apart. IF it has then all bets are off.

    Good morning from Phoenix, AZ-17a59c00-9771-4bb9-8c87-db1c4d4e04e4.jpg
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    Good morning John!, glad to have ya here!, pics are a plus. Im no expert, and dont claim to be. I can help you troubleshoot, first you being a long time rider. I figure the kicker arm is not stripped. Then my next guess would be the shaft to gear spline on the inside. You will need to pull the clutchside outer cover to inspect. Do you have an impact driver with japanese industry standard cross points? You will need it, unless someone has changed the fasteners out already. Drain the oil and pop the cover, lets have a look.
    You might as well start a post thread in project logs too. It helps everyone else out who come a lookin for help. And as frogman said, others who know alot more than me. Will be along to help when they see it.
    Again, welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome John! You came to the right place, just be patient and someone with 175 knowledge will get back to you. Pics are welcome too.
    1979 CB 400 T (Cafe Racer)

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