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    just wanted to say hey

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    well hey - but you have to do better than that... where are you? what bike do you have? what motorcycle background do you have? inquiring minds want to know! oh, and don't forget pictures... no pictures, it didn't happen!

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    What he said ^^^

    Oh and welcome.
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    Carpe narem.

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    I have a 1978 cb400a that iam working on. iam from the great north alberta canada. iam a heavy duty mechanic. but don't know alot about these old bikes even though iam old .oh and thanks for a great foarm

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    Welcome to the forum. Post some pics of the Hondamatic. My brother used to live in Fort Mac.
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    Past rides: Vincents, Triumph, BSA's, Suzuki's, Twingle, Corgy, others.

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    Welcome! You'll definitely need a proper Factory Service Manual for your adventure. PM sent

    '79 CM400T
    '80 CM400A in restoration
    '09 ZX14
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