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What did you do to your Twin this week?

Thread: What did you do to your Twin this week?

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  1. JamesPal's Avatar

    JamesPal said:

    Jim's CB450 K5

    Forecast for Seattle today:
    • Today Sunny, with a high near 53. Light and variable wind becoming north northwest 5 to 8 mph in the afternoon.
    • Tonight Mostly clear, with a low around 34. Calm wind becoming east southeast around 6 mph in the evening.
    • Sunday Sunny, with a high near 54. Southeast wind 5 to 7 mph becoming west in the afternoon.

    And no motorcycle to ride!

    I did get started running wires for the new wiring harness. I made the form board last week off of the original harness.

    Here is the form board and a closeup of the battery hook up area:

    What did you do to your Twin this week?-wire-harness-2.jpg

    What did you do to your Twin this week?-wire-harness-1.jpg

    I also scored a nice Cannon Digital camera on ebay. It includes a macro setting for getting nice close ups. It will up the game on the images I post on this forum.

    My weekend runs from Sunday to Tuesday. I hope to get the rest of the wires run and wrapped. Time permitting get the partially completed harness fit checked to the bike. Then the next step is do the wire terminations hand hook everything up. Then brakes, foot pegs, exhaust, carburetors, oil, gas and FIRE!
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  2. TuLou2's Avatar

    TuLou2 said:
    New tires arrived yesterday but will have to wait until maintenance is done on the Subaru. Just finished the PITA job of changing the plugs and have a short list to go on the car today. Replacing the rusted out mufflers are next in line after the tires. The gaskets are on order, so I can get the spare oem ones installed as soon as parts arrive.
  3. trilobitnz's Avatar

    trilobitnz said:
    Installed new O-rings in carb to head boot and reinstalled cleaned carbs, then did a Compression test with my newly acquired gauge on the CB400NA.

    Did more assessment and list making of repairs/work needed to get the CB400Tii roadworthy...
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  5. 1wheeldrive's Avatar

    1wheeldrive said:
    I didn't think I had anything to say to this question, but then remembered that I bought a primary cover on ebay as the one that came with the pile of parts I bought was for a CB350. I found out the hard way that SL350s are different!

    Temps here are a comfortable 25 C in F that's about 80ish, starting to get dark in the morning in this hemisphere but since we can ride all year its not a big deal.

  6. EazyDR's Avatar

    EazyDR said:
    Last week I FINALLY received my head and cylinders back from the shop and started putting her back together. I was making exceptional progress until I was unable to locate the 6mm lock pin that holds the cam chain tensioner in place . A 50 cent part holding up the whole build! Soooooo this week What I did for my Twin was drive to every hardware shop with the tensioner pin in hand and looked for a replacement. Ultimately I ordered one from Partzilla along with some other parts I wanted to replace. Super lame....
  7. russman's Avatar

    russman said:
    Got my Gazelles on but still staring at it while I wait on more parts........
    Bearings are still on the way
    Fork seals were the wrong size..................
    Hoping for a rear dust seal on ebay (I can continue with the one I have but not forever...)
    trying to find the correct fork boots.......
    But I did a lot of polishing while I wait.....
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  8. Number13's Avatar

    Number13 said:
    Within the last two weeks I got round to repairing my starter clutch. This involved a replacement rotor due to a broken tab as well as new rollers, caps and springs. The level of dismantle allowed for oil change, filter cleaning, gasket renewal, cam chain tension and static timing. The next job was fitting Electronic Ignition. I'm pretty much ready to go for Spring now. Hopefully the increased oportunity to ride will allow me to carry on tweaking my carbs. I have a +1.00 overbore, a pattern exhaust system, an aftermarket set of needles and a generally rich condition. By the time the Summer ends I hope to have improved it.
  9. CB200T75's Avatar

    CB200T75 said:
    I rode mine.
    Currently working on a 1975 Honda CB200T.
    My build thread
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  10. russman's Avatar

    russman said:
    Finally get it back together

    1. Fork seals
    2. Fork boots
    3. Wheel bearings
    4. Chain and rear sproket retainers
    5. New Gazelles
    6. Restored the gauges
    7. Polished eveything I could reach
    8. Clutch adjustment

    Then it started acting up. turned out the fuel valve was clogged..... but I had bought a new one so now I will pull and clean the tank......
    1970 CL175
    1981 CM200T "Armagh 200"
    1982 MB5
    1969 CT90
  11. Drifter's Avatar

    Drifter said:
    Took my 350 for it's maiden test ride. Everything went well.