Could someone explain fuel line sizing and sourcing for Hondas?
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Thread: Could someone explain fuel line sizing and sourcing for Hondas?

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    Could someone explain fuel line sizing and sourcing for Hondas?

    One of my carbs is missing the overflow drain tube that directs extra gas to the pavement instead of letting extra gas pour onto the hot bottom end of the engine.

    I'd like to replace it - but the lines goes through a small clip that holds the overflow lines from both carbs as well as some drains from the air box. A regular (designed for pressurized gas from a fuel pump) fuel line is too large. The fitting on the bottom of the carb seems to have about a 5mm diameter. So I'd assume a 5mm (or perhaps 3/16") ID fuel line (not designed for fuel injection) would work.

    Is this correct?

    Where is this usually sourced?

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    You can also use vacuum hose designed for a car.

    Only use it as overflow though, not for fuel supply line.

    I actually used the hose that came with those sprinkler systems you buy at Lowes.

    Those small 22 bux systems.
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    7,957 has OEM-sized Honda fuel line you can use for both drain tubes and fuel hose, 3.5mm and 5.5mm
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    Small engine repair shop should have fuel line for chainsaw/etc. Thin and fuel resistant at the same time.
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    Looks like the 3.5mm line was used as a drain line. Thanks everyone!

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